The List – 06Feb2011

February 7, 2011 at 5:40 pm (Obsessions) (, , , , )

On the reader I’m into a serialized mystery novel.  Each chapter written by a different author, although started and finished by Jeffery Deaver. It is called Watchlist and consists of two short novels written this way: The Chopin Manuscript and The Copper Bracelet.  Should be interesting to see how all these different authors blend their styles together and if it reads smoothly.  As usual, I ended up demonstrating the Reader to three other people while I was reading.  Sometime I feel like Sony should pay me a commission!


1. Cool Water by Dianne Warren.

2. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

3. In Darkest Domestica by Eric Nicol

4. The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clark

5. The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

6. Romeo Romeo by Robin Kaye

7. The Black Swan by Mercedes Lackey

8. The Sad Truth About Happiness by Anne Giardini

9. Wish by Alexandra Bullen

10. Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman

11. Graceling by Kristin Cashore


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