Concert-going D-bags

May 14, 2010 at 8:30 pm (Random Thoughts) (, )

AKA, a wee rant.

Wednesday night I went to a concert.  David Gray (I lurve him!) with Royal Wood (who I’m quite fond of now).  I’ve seen David Gray once before and he does a great show…lots of energy, great music, a little bit of amusing chat. I’d never heard killer whales referred as M-Fers before.  I loved the show.  Every minute of it.

Well, almost every minute.

If the show starts at 7:30, even if you don’t know the opening act, it is extremely rude to come in at 7:45 and push your way into your row.  This was not an isolated incident.  Either get there on time, MFers, or if you don’t care for the opener, stay away until after he’s done.  Oh, and when I’ve paid plenty of my hard-earned cash for a concert, I don’t want to hear your loud conversations lady 4 rows behind me.  Take that outside!  Oh, and when the bell goes off and the flights flicker, it means intermission is over and you should get back in.  Don’t wait another 15 minutes and then interrupt your poor row again to get back to your seat.  Show’s on again, d-bag.

Good thing David Gray was so awesome, or I’d be really cranky, huh?  I must be getting old…


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