April 10, 2010 at 12:35 pm (Random Thoughts)

Why does some kind of dental incident happen on a Friday after your dentist has closed the office for a weekend?  And there’s nothing like having a tooth (a front one!) break out of your mouth to make a girl feel pretty…I’m so busy feeling sorry for myself for the pain and expense in my future that all positive forward cleaning momentum has stopped dead.

On the positive side, thanks in no small part to a very helpful friend, the upgrade to Windows 7 on my machine has gone well.  I’m busy trying to remember what all I had bookmarked in Firefox so I can rebuild that and learning the quirks and foibles.  It is also serving as another excuse to avoid further spring cleaning.

I know there’s lots of other issues in the world, far bigger than my own small problems, dental & otherwise.  But really universe, I was trying to clear out my life so that there was room for good things to enter it, but I don’t think I needed extra space in my smile.

Okay, enough sulking.  Back to work.  Or something.


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