The ebook store strikes again

July 22, 2009 at 9:24 pm (Reviews) (, , , , )

I’ve owned my Sony Reader since April and I have yet to pay for a book for it.  Not that I’m stealing them, but I’ve downloaded some for the google book project, a couple were sent to me by Chapters Indigo, but the bulk of free ebooks have come from the Sony ebook store.  I’m pretty sure that they put these free ones up in the hopes that they will spark some interest in you and then you’ll buy the whole series.  I’ve been tempted, but haven’t succumbed.  Yet.  What is has allowed is for me to discover books I’ve never seen or heard of before, some of which I’ve quite enjoyed.

Take, for instance the book I’ve just finished: For the Love of Mother-Not by Alan Dean Foster.  Alan Dean Foster is a prolific Science Fiction/Fantasy author, but I’ve never read any of his books before, for some unknown reason.  They may have seemed more science fiction than fantasy.  Then comes this free book, originally published in 1983 featuring the story of a young empath/telepath and his pet/familiar, an empathic mini-dragon.  Quite a fun read; strong characters, tension, mystery, lots of good stuff.  Now I find that there are 13 more books featuring the pair!  How can I have missed a series of 14 novels?  I’m now strongly tempted to find and read at least one other, just to see if my initial favourable impression is correct.

I’m on to you Sony ebook store!  I have sussed out your evil plan!  And I’m probably going to fall for it, too.

I have also finished Angel-Seeker.  But two reviews in one post?  No way.  It did remind me of how much I love this series.  I’ve pulled Angelica off the shelf for bedtime reading tonight.


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