Not a lot of reading at Chez What Would Jane Say….

July 20, 2009 at 9:30 pm (Reviews) (, , , , )

Although I did just finish The House in Amalfi by Elizabeth Alder.  There were some things about this book that drove me crazy, two page chapters being only one of them.  There were some funny bits, but deep at its heart, I feel like this is a 1960’s era Harlequin romance.  Only with sex.

I’ve noticed that I rarely have anything bad to say about a book.  I realized that deep down, I might be trying to spare the feelings of an author.  They’ve worked hard on these books, and no-one wants to think that someone finds your blood sweat and tears to be mediocre.  Of course, that kind of makes it seem like I think my blog is more important than it really is…I’m sure authors are not lining up to read my opinions of their work.

I’ve picked up one of the Samaria series by Sharon Shinn again: Angel Seeker.  I’ve read all the books in this series at least once, and even gave a therapist the first three as a gift one time.  You might say that I really, really like these books.  Anything Ms. Shinn was written that I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed.  (I liked the therapist too…)  More to come when I’m done!


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