Late nights-early days

July 12, 2009 at 8:31 am (Reviews) (, )

I was awake earlier than I wanted to be this morning.  Especially considering how late I was up the night before.  It is summer, so this is my constant problem.  After giving up the fight for a bit more sleep I reached over and grabbed the book that had gone to bed with me: Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay.  I have been reading this book two pages at a time-it was on my computer desk, so when I was waiting for a restart, or something was slow, I would pick it up and read a little more.  This extremely leisurely pace seemed to suit the book at first.  Finally, last night I decided it was time to finish it in  few big gulps of reading, instead of the tiny sips I’d been taking for so many months.  Again, that seemed to suit the book-at that point there was suddenly action and adventure.  This books is a poignant tale of the vastness and wildness of Canada’s North-populated by those who were born there and those that have run there to get away from something or someone else.  It is the tale of lives lived, love found and lost and in one case finally found again.  It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did I found it beautiful.  Touching and sad, but leavened with the promise of love found.  Once I opened myself to this book, I really enjoyed it.  It is a study of human nature and human emotions, and like the tundra, beautiful in its tiny details.


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