I’ve said it before,

June 25, 2009 at 9:49 pm (Reviews) (, , , , , )

and no doubt I’ll say it again, but some of the best new fiction I’ve been reading is in the Young Adult category.  Last week (I’m very behind, sorry…) I finished The Alchemyst by Michael Scott.  What a fun book!  It was another free download form the Sony Reader store, and has served its purpose.  I now really want to read the other two books in the series.  This book blends historical figures such as Nicholas Flamel and John Dee, with pre-Christian figures such as the Morrigan and Bast and entwines them all in  a story about the conflict between the Elder races and humans.  Caught in the middle are a pair of 15 year old twins who just might save the world.  Or destroy it.  This conflict between the old and new reminded me in some small way of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and that’s no small compliment.  One of the best things about this book is that it doesn’t talk down to the intended reader.  In theory, it’s YA fiction, but it practice it is just a really enjoyable read.  If you like well thought-out, entertaining, and well-written fantasy novels, this is one for you.

The Reader is generally used for lunchtime reading, since it basically just lives in my purse.  The current bedtime reading reminds me why we call some books classics.  I’m in about the middle of  the collected Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, Volume II.  (I don’t think I own Volume I)  Even though I know some of these, it is certainly not hampering my enjoyment of them.  How nice to think that something written so long ago is still as entertaining today.


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