Love is not just for the pretty…

June 18, 2009 at 6:27 pm (Reviews) (, )

I finally built up to courage to get past my morbid fear of fire and finished The Gargoyle.  I now understand all the great press this book was getting-it was a fabulous read.  Not for the faint of heart though; it is certainly violent and profane.  There are not so subtle overtones of Dante’s Inferno, as well as some hints of Scheherazade’s stories but the final product is much more than just a derivative.  Deep down, it is a story of enduring love, but without a Hollywood happy ending or even pretty people.  In fact, it is when the narrator is most deeply physically damaged that he is most free to love and be loved in return.

This book is Andrew Davidson’s first novel-with such a great debut, I’m looking forward to the next.  It has big shoes to fill…BTW, this is most definitely a book for grown-ups.

What would Jane say?  Well, burns never stopped her from loving her Mr. Rochestoer, but a porn carreer might have.  Too bad, Jane.  Times have changed, but a great read is still a great read.


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